Kybella – Are You a Good Candidate?

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Maybe you’ve heard great things about Kybella, an advanced treatment option for unwanted, excess fat around the jaw and neck. Maybe you’ve wondered if this kind of regimen is right for you. Here are some criteria for prospective candidates. Kybella injections are recommended for:

  1. Adults Only

The FDA has approved this treatment for those over the age of 18. Minors and children are still growing, and their bodies need their fat deposits for continued development. If you’re concerned about your submental fat, but you’re not yet an adult, your doctor may ask you to wait on any cosmetic alterations. In addition, the effects of Kybella on preborn infants and nursing babies is unknown, and therefore not recommended.

  1. Healthy Persons

Dr. Ken Landow says that if you are on any medications, or if you’re currently fighting any infections, your dermatologist may ask you to wait on Kybella filler treatments until you’ve fully recovered. If you have a history of surgery, or you’re planning a future surgery, you should discuss this with your doctor, as well. Throat or neck issues, as well as any bleeding disorders you may have, could also affect your available regimen options.

With the right preparation, your dermatologist can help you create a safe and effective plan for how Kybella injections can let you put your best face forward.