I Have A Brown Mole That Is Bigger Than A Pencil, Should I Have It Removed?

Moles that are benign are very common and it is very rare that one of them would turn into malignant melanoma or skin cancer. Your dermatologist or primary physician will determine if it needs to be removed and will base it on appearance, size and if it has changed color or size. If there is a concern that a mole has the possibility of malignant melanoma, it will be removed and your doctor will order a biopsy on it. This will determine if it is cancerous or not. Most times moles are removed when it is a nuisance or causing anxiety. Moles are removed by using a local anesthetic and may require a few stitches.

It is important to always have moles checked if you notice a change in shape, diameter, thickness, or color variation. If your mole is exhibiting soreness, bleeding or itchiness you want to visit a doctor right away. Size does matter. Smaller moles with a diameter less than 7mm or the size of a pencil eraser will carry a much lower risk. If a mole is detected with malignant melanoma once removed, it is recommended to make a wider excision around the original biopsy.